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Modi's 100 smart cities: Boon or ban for India?
While Prime minister Narendra Modi's pat project is being cited by his party men and media workers as the something that will transform the India. But how far is this true ? Let's examine one by one for its pros and cons.Following picture summarises the plan of Mr. Modi. 

Arguments in favour1. It is expected to boost investment in Information technology and real estate which will help Indian economy to touch new hight of growth and development. 

2. It will benefit people living in cities save lot of cost which was due to bad bureaucracy, traffic jams, power & water shortages and many more man made troubles.

3. Increased time and money availability of urban dwellers will help the economy in turn. 

4. Since much of the burden is supposed to be on the technology (which is one time investment+ small percentage of one time investment as operation and maintenance cost ), It will also benefit local, state as well as national governme…
Dear readers
As I have been requested by my juniors from various campuses of Karnataka that I should provide reading and practice material online to all for benefit of juniors. Hence I am providing link to get material online. Following is the link of my personal website on which I have uploaded the book.

Why to look up to Food grains for Food Security? Lets look beyond Food Grains.

Often we see that economist and social scientist working on food security look up to food grains as the only source of food for humans. they often ignore the importance of non-vegetarian food as source of food. when most of humans in the world are non-vegetarian then ignoring non vegetarian source of food is a blunder while analyzing food security of a nation or region. Even I ignored  the importance of non vegetarian sources of food in my presentation on food security

CopyCat Modi will fail to do much good for India

Today I saw the launch of new scheme of Narendra Modi which was named "Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana". But I could not find anything  in his new scheme to praise for. I agree with congressman who were saying that it is repacking of their Manmohan Govt.'s scheme. Already a concept of no frill account was there and the new scheme has not made any thing big for poor. B.J.P. is crying more for its every step to garner public support and bring its policies to public notice for coming election like saying we are doing so much for nation.  In his independence day speech Modi said about making India a hub for electronic goods which was already a plan made by Manmohan Govt. and also acted upon.  In union budget of Modi Govt., there was hardly any plan for rural area modernization. Modi wants to build