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CopyCat Modi will fail to do much good for India

Today I saw the launch of new scheme of Narendra Modi which was named "Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana". But I could not find anything  in his new scheme to praise for. I agree with congressman who were saying that it is repacking of their Manmohan Govt.'s scheme. Already a concept of no frill account was there and the new scheme has not made any thing big for poor. B.J.P. is crying more for its every step to garner public support and bring its policies to public notice for coming election like saying we are doing so much for nation.  In his independence day speech Modi said about making India a hub for electronic goods which was already a plan made by Manmohan Govt. and also acted upon.  In union budget of Modi Govt., there was hardly any plan for rural area modernization. Modi wants to build